Leap of Faith



Have you ever felt that?

Emptiness that crept into your heart. You felt nothing, like literally. You have no energy nor motivation to do anything. All you wanna do is just run away from your current life and starting a new one. A life that has only been exist on your imagination.

Like the one on the fairy tales, where the skies are blue and the leaves are green, the houses are covered by birds, the paths guided by grasses and flowers and trees. And a handsome prince waiting for you while riding white horse on his garden,  inside his castle.

Sadly, they shouted at your face. “Keep dreaming, my dear girl.”

No, you just want a WHOLE new life. A blank page that you can paint with anything you like without ruining anything. Clean slate, they said. Coz you just so sick of your life.

You are now stuck in the middle of problems. They surround you like you are a potential prey. You move an inch, and they’ll catch you, pounce you and eat you alive. You have no hope and you just want to disappear from that place that prison you coz you are Claustrophobic!

Have you ever wondered that being eaten alive is better than just standing there doing nothing until you bored to death?


In order to have what we want, we must let go of what we have that does not support our intention. There will come a point in time where you will have that very same decision to make, maybe for you, today is that day?



Tunjukkan gigimu.

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