Finally, Imma Psychology Student


It’s my first post over a century! (lebay) xD –actually, it’s been a little over 2 months since my last post.

Well, it’s still freshly imprinted on my mind of what i wrote. The confusion between work and study. And yeah, i decided to take it both. It’s like a gambling, tbh. But, i want to make it work as best as I can.

So, what’s to sacrifice? They said ‘you grow something, you lose something eventually and vice versa.’ What’s mine to sacrifice? Of course there must be something i have to let go, to give it up.

My time, my leisure, my happiness (coz it contains my over-rated-me-time), my family, my books, my movies, my friends, my social life, my biological time of sleep, and lastly, my supposed-to-be-saving.

Well, consider them to be a ‘something’ to sacrifice.

Is it worth it? I think so–i hope so. 

Lastly, it still lingers on my mind.. I want to study overboard, specifically in German.

But, firstly.. before i could fly over there to get my graduate, i need approximately 8,000 EUR in my bank account.

Where could i find it?













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